This song and video was a creative reaction to the surreal experience under lockdown. The mixed messages and slow reaction from our government which has caused many deaths, much distress, paranoia and leaves so many low-paid workers holding the country up while they themselves are putting themselves at risk is maddening, especially when certain major businesses have been able to maximise profit during the pandemic.

The whole situation completely surreal and I tried to illustrate this with a song and a video. Obviously the video had its limitations but there was also something enjoyable finding all of this abstract stock footage that had been created during this period.

This is in no way trying to undermine the severity of the situation but illustrates the eccentricity of our behaviours as we ride the tide.

If you haven't already please sign petition

Free PPE (personal protective equipment) for all frontline staff should be accessible while Covid 19 has any chance of spreading without a vaccine present and available for all. 

Song by Calypo Spritz 
Drums from Dav Shiel
Video by Calypo Spritz

Casual Terms

A 15 minute film collaboration between myself and Morgan Tipping as part of a larger exhibition.

Do It Different - The Factory @ The Workhouse, Southwell

Category: Art Film 

Company: Morgan Tipping and funded by Arts Council England and Oxford Brookes University

I created this music video and artwork for Powerwalker band and their single, Everything's Decided Forever

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